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The Legal Services Industry

One of the biggest obstacles citizens face in seeking legal counsel is cost of services. The purpose behind law office technology is about increasing day-to-day efficiency, and thereby making legal services more affordable and more accessible. IT and network services for attorneys and law firms present a world of opportunity for integrating and expediting simple tasks or expanding the reach and capabilities of their practice. The globalization of countless firms, as well as the emergence of remote and virtual law offices, uses powerful mobile devices, Software-as-a-Service, and secure web-based technology to allow legal professionals to work from virtually anywhere.

A sound business technology solution promotes efficiency through in-house technologies and mobility through private and secure online platforms—and this is exactly what KT Connections has to offer.

IT Challenges

Privacy and information security are primary challenges when it comes to leveraging technology to provide a better legal service. Without a doubt, every practice needs reliable long-term data protection. What is true for all enterprises across every industry is especially true for legal services: the loss of accumulated information can be catastrophic.

Because attorneys and law firms center on the collection and application of sensitive information, they have their own set of compliance issues to contend with. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) dictates law office regulations for the protection of the public, including measures that must be taken to defend the data collected from intrusion or dissemination. Data security regulations are designed to prevent or reduce damages of data breaches and/or require mandatory data destruction. As an experienced law office technology solutions provider, KT Connections understands information security and upholds encryption technology standards in the law office.

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