Non-Profit Organizations

Like governmental entities, non-profit organizations strive to accomplish great goals with limited hours in the day, wiggle room in the budget, and staff members on payroll. The financial resources a non-profit comes to possess often comes down to fundraising; and as any non-profit employee will tell you, raising funds is no easy task. It takes developed skill and persistent leadership to shape a system and culture for fundraising success.

One major challenge non-profits face is building an able staff and arming them with effective tactics for reaching organizational goals. At the same time, they need efficient and reliable networking tools to improve service distribution and outreach strategies. Non-profits rely on the spread of information through communication and collaboration. After all, this is what the industry is all about: people putting their heads and hearts together to do good.

IT Challenges

Non-profit organizations will experience varying levels of IT challenges based on size. Faced with budget restraints, smaller non-profits will have less to invest in technological resources despite the fact that technology is a necessary component for all in making connections, promoting action, and improving work processes. Although websites, social platforms, email systems, and databases are fundamental to nonprofit success, an in-house IT staff for implementing and maintaining the necessary technologies is often beyond the budget.

The greatest IT challenge non-profits face is finding third-party solutions to offer products, support, and advice that will yield the biggest technological bang per non-profit buck—to spend less time on information, systems, and network management and more time raising funds, organizing volunteers, providing services, and promoting their cause.

Our non-profits do so much good for our communities. Likewise, we’re here to support the effort with our comprehensive services and expert knowledge.

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