Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas Industry

The region surrounding our Rapid City, South Dakota headquarters is booming with oil. In fact, North Dakota celebrates a budget surplus and the lowest unemployment rate in the United States, all in thanks to the oil boom. Pair North Dakota’s good oil fortune with Wyoming‘s richness in oil and gas resources: the state ranks 3rd nationwide in the production of natural gas and 8th for crude oil. In western South Dakota, we’re pleased to share borders with US states hosting some of the largest oil and gas fields in the nation and, likewise, celebrating economic growth.


IT Challenges

The booming oil and gas industry implies a boom in business, and likewise, ever-expanding IT challenges. Where the industry once relied solely on the technology needed to successfully extract oil and natural gas from the earth, there is now an increased imperative for specialized information technology services.


In short, the industry is experiencing an eruption of data in different shapes and forms—data that can work to the benefit of these companies, if properly managed in compliance with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Always changing and tightening, FERC mandates dictate an IT infrastructure expressly designed for the oil and gas industry.

KT Connections understands FERC regulations and provides networked infrastructures that allow oil and gas companies to operate the business side of the industry more simply and efficiently while observing compliance issues. As a result, these companies can get back to the basics in supplying this country with energy.

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